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Colony Hotel | Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been adopted by Morovati Properties Ltd., a reservation center (the companies and hotels listed above will be collectively referred to below as “Colony” or “we”) regarding the collection and distribution of information (the “Privacy Policy”).

The privacy policy details the types of personal information as well as other information (as defined below) that Colony collects about the users of the services (as defined below), how Colony collects the information and what use Colony makes of the information, including keeping the information, processing it, transferring it to third parties, etc.


This privacy policy statement is written in the masculine gender for convenience only, but is intended for both women and men.


Colony collects personal and other information (as defined below) through:

(1) Websites operated by Colony where you access this privacy policy written, and other websites owned or controlled by Colony

(the websites will be referred to hereafter collectively as “the websites”);

(2) through the applications that the company makes available for use on computers or mobile devices (hereinafter: “the applications”);

(3) through social media pages owned and controlled by Colony (hereinafter collectively: “Social Media Pages”);

(4) When as guests you visit or stay at one of the hotels listed above or through another offline interaction with Colony (such as a call to the call center).

The websites, applications and social media pages will be called together – “the online services” and together with the offline channels – “the services”.

By using the services, guests agree to the terms of this privacy policy. Please read the privacy policy carefully.

Colony acts as the Data Controller of the personal information about the guests or those who contact one of the means of communication listed above in sections 1-4.

The information that has been or will be given to Colony, whether by email or in writing, depends on the consent of the guests and their wishes and does not result from a legal obligation.

However, as long as the information is not provided to Colony or if it is not possible for Colony to collect such information, Colony will not be able to provide interested parties with the services.

Collection of personal and other information

  1. “Personal information” means data that identifies you as an individual or refers to a specific person.

Colony collects personal information such as:

1.1. Contact details (name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, passport number, postal code number);

1.2. Information about making a payment – payment method (payment card: digits and expiration date according to PCI DSS rules, billing address and bank account number);

1.3. demographic data (age, sex, residential address, citizenship, and preferred language);

1.4. information about family members and companions such as names and ages of the children or spouse;

1.5 Information on family events: birthdays, anniversaries;

1.6. Information in connection with the reservation made, in connection with the stay or visit to Colony (date of arrival and departure, goods and services purchased at the hotel, personal preferences (as defined below), phone calls made);

1.7. Information required to fulfill special requests and/or special conditions of stay (preferences, leisure activities, name of companion, number of children and their ages);

1.8. Guest preferences (“personal preferences”), such as interests, activities, hobbies, food and beverage choices, services and requests communicated to Colony or preferences learned about you during your visit;

1.9. information related to members of the customer club program;

1.10. information based on geographic or other location;

1.11. Images, video and audio collected through security cameras located in public areas in the Colony, such as in the corridors and lobby of the Colony (closed circuit television systems CCTV and electronic card keys.

  1. “Other information” – means data that does not reveal the personal and specific identity and does not refer to a specific person. Colony collects other information such as browser and mobile device data including IP address and data collected by “cookies”, pixel tags and other technologies, aggregate data regarding the stay of guests at Colony as well as responses to sales promotion offers and surveys.
  2. In some cases Colony combines personal information with other information (such as a combination of the guest’s name and location). In such a case Colony will treat the combined information as mentioned above as personal information as long as the information is combined.
  3. If information is provided to Colony and/or to Colony’s service providers that includes personal information about third parties (for example – in the event that you place an order for another person), those applying for information collection means declare that consent has been received from the third party to provide the aforementioned information and the authorized applicants to do so and that the third party allows Colony to use the information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

How personal and other information is collected in the company

Personal and other information is collected as follows:

  1. Online services: when placing an order, purchasing goods or services, contacting the company and its representatives in any way, posting on social media pages, joining a mailing list or participating in surveys, feedback, contests or marketing offers as well as when applying for a job at Colony.
  2. Visits and offline interaction: when visiting Colony, when staying as a guest at Colony and when using services offered by Colony. Likewise, personal information is also collected when participating in promotional marketing events as guests of Colony and/or in promotional events that Colony hosts or when providing personal information as part of promoting a sales event. Personal information about the originators of the information is also collected through a closed-circuit camera system placed for security purposes in the public areas in Colony (CCTV), through electronic key cards and through other security systems.
  3. Other sources: Personal information is also received from third parties, including information from travel agents, customer club programs, credit card companies, state authorities (in order to comply with the provisions of the law), survey companies, service providers of Colony.
  4. Automatic information: When you make use of the websites and/or use the applications as defined above, Colony receives and saves information in connection with the activity on the aforementioned websites and applications, and information is collected or
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