The Colony Hotel Haifa is situated in the German Colony, the restored historic center of Haifa, in a unique preserved more than 100 year-old building.

The hotel is located only 300 m from the world famous Baha’i Gardens which in July 2008 were inscribed as one of the World Heritage Cultural sites by UNESCO. Next to the hotel are restaurants, cafes and a shopping mall, and it is only a short walk from the sea. 

* please notice rates are in dollars and not including taxes for israeli citizens *

Colony Hotel Haifa - History

The History

Throughout its history the Appinger Hotel was a family business. In the early Appinger pension, Helene Appinger, who was a distinguished cook, took care of catering for the guests. Her older sister Ernestine, a trained nurse, was responsible for maintaining the rooms, the garden and the laundry. Their brother Gottlob helped them concerning commercial matters. Once the pension became too small the family decided to rebuild the house and expand it into a hotel.
A perfect Location in the Heart of Haifa

Colony Hotel Haifa
The German Colony

Ben Gurion Boulevard 28
Haifa 3502322